The beginning of my own marathon…

Me: Somewhere connecting with the Universe..

Hi Everyone! My name is Ebony J. I have been writing this for a year now. Finally found the confidence to publish. Here goes nothing.. ❤

Comfortably indulging in ways of practicing more of what makes us insanely consistent with keeping inner confidence. It’s a total formation of getting to know the real you. Experience yourself in ways you never imagined. That’s the beauty in it. The more healthier we are in the mental and physical and emotional the more we can feed our souls with more happiness to keep the continuance of the confidence. I am challenging myself + all the readers who are reading this to practice your inner peace, rather its reading my blog for inspirational touches or finding what makes you peaceful to know you are not alone in this transition learning how to be confident without a doubt. Let’s challenge ourselves rest of this year going into the new year! More peace more everything. Also check out & subscribe my blog for upcoming posts on everything with E!

Until next time much love & light.



2 thoughts on “The beginning of my own marathon…

  1. you rock and I am loving this blog already! I can use plenty of style tips!

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