12 Easy Spring Self Care + WFH tips!

Here are a few gems that have been helping me stay in place during everything going on in the world around us. Take each one and make it your own tailored to your personal preference.

1. Daily journal to yourself before you start your day. Set the vibe you want for the day!

2. Daily stretching & atleast a 45 minute cardio workout.

3. Eat a fulfilling breakfast, lunch & dinner.

4. Organize your schedule & set alarms to keep yourself on task.

5. Drinks lots and lots of water!!!

6. Listen to some good music with a good good vibe!!! It’s so necessary. lol

7. Take a nap if you get some time. This helps break up the day as well give your body the rest it needs.

8. Dress comfy or dress like ya heading back into the office! Sweats or Blazers! lol.

9. Take walks around different spaces in the house or outside & around the front and backyard.

10. Keep your face and skin moisturized. A little tlc goes a long way 🙂

11. Write yourself a love letter. In 30 days read it back to yourself. #Growth #Selfcare #love #light

12. Wash those hands!!! Keep everything sanitized and germ free!!

Enjoy my mini list I created that helps me during this time of isolation. I really hope it helps you as well!



2 thoughts on “12 Easy Spring Self Care + WFH tips!

  1. Loved your tips! I definitely need to start doing #4 though…since working from home my schedule is all over the place and I find that I am not as productive as I need to be.

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